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How a person with dyslexia can succeed

By Zahavit Paz

Dyslexic people are often scientifically overlooked or misunderstood.Dyslexia is often a self-compensating disorder that can be overcome with time, effort, understanding and especially the right early intervention treatment.

It is crucial to provide dyslexics with success stories of well known individuals so that they don’t give up.  We decided to share with you in this blog stories of successful  dyslexics since the month of October is Dyslexic Awareness Month.

They are a Remarkable group of dyslexic individuals who have become leaders in their fields.  There are many dyslexics that have made tremendous contributions to society. They rose to their positions through talent and careful navigation of their barriers. They include famous entertainers, designers, architects, writers, athletes, lawyers, physicians, scientists, political and business leaders.

Among them are:  Richard Branson, Henry Winkler, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Pablo Picasso, David Bowie and others.  Click here for more information on a list of famous people with learning disabilities and dyslexia 

Here is one success story that brought tears to my eyes – Read how Kelly’s son went from a learning challenged student to an excelling student.  It reminded me of my personal struggle with dyslexia and dealing successfully with it.  

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest tear up on air talking about her son with dyslexia

According to Kelly Ripa,

“A lot of you that watch the show know he has dyslexia, so school has always been a very big challenge for us in our household,” she said. “So, I went to his new school for a parent-teacher conference… he’s getting straight A’s. And so I broke down crying in the middle of the parent-teacher conference.”

“Now it seems that the family has something else to celebrate given Joaquin’s impressive performance in high school so far.”

If you are struggling with Dyslexia of Learning disabilities, LDRFA is offering an AWARD PROGRAM for ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY.