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By Zahavit Paz

If you feel that your organizational skills need improvement, then you must rely on a Calendar or Planner. There are many available, but you must choose wisely.

Picking the right calendar is a very important decision. Choose one that has a lot of space to write down your goals and an area to make a task list.

The use of a Calendar/ Planner can change the way you schedule your daily life.  Learning how to make more efficient use of your time, will make a difference.  Try using the Google or OutlookCalendars to load up your school or college schedules. They can be shared with others. You can block time including travel time for the entire semester, set up reminders and you will never be late again! Use a calendar so that you’re never double booked and try to schedule meetings with a buffer time between them.  Be reasonable with your expectations.  Focusing on tasks can be hard for someone with ADHD or a Learning Disability, so make sure to give yourself a transition time between projects.  When you have completed a task, say a kind word to yourself – a positive affirmation.

After setting up your monthly schedule, next create a plan for your current day.

When you’re able to accomplish the goals that you have set for your day, your mood will improve. With a planner and a positive thought, accomplishing your goals can be achieved and this will lead to even more productivity.

There is a Link Between Disorganization, Depression, and Anxiety. These conditions will trigger an inability to be productive.  Often people with ADHD & LD try to Multi-task whether at work or studying – it’s a big waste of time!!!The idea that multi-tasking allows you to get more done is a big myth, especially when it comes to your business.

Sure, you can probably cook and watch TV or read a book while on the elliptical at the gym, but other focused activities probably will suffer from multi-tasking.  Researchers found that people who were assigned to wear a pedometer walked at least one extra mile per day on average. It also improved their overall activity levels by 27%.  As you can see, using the technology of a pedometer, allows the person to become more aware of the task at hand and to use the time efficiently, thereby increasing the chances that their goal will be accomplished.

Following a routine is important for our bodies and minds. We should become more aware of our natural daily cycle referred to as the Circadian Rhythm. It’s our biological clock.Our physical, mental and behavioral conditions follow a roughly 24-hour cycle. These conditions respond primarily to light and darkness –all organisms react to Circadian cycles. Circadian rhythms help determine our sleep patterns. “Researchers are studying how shift work, as well as exposure to light from mobile devices during the night, may alter circadian rhythms and sleep-wake cycles.”  A lack of sleep leads to a decrease in your attention span.

Your workday should be chopped up into a trio of 90-minute chunks. The brain can only focus for 90 to 120 minutes before it needs a break, Widrich reports.To encourage 90 minute chunks of productivity start by eliminating distractions by turning off auditory dings, pop-ups and stop cluster-tasking emails. Try to write down any ideas/distractions so you can revisit and deal with them later. Carving out around 15 minutes for quiet reflection between tasks is a good idea.This will allow change that will encourage and help you to achieve maximum productivity.


Focusing and prioritizing tasks for many people can be difficult.  This is especially true for those with ADHD and/or a Learning Disability.  However, with current technology, improvement of our organizational skills can be achieved.  Make use of Calendars offered by Google and Outlook.  The use of reminders is also very helpful.  Give yourself a transition break between tasks.  For optimum efficiency, try not to Multi-Task and do divide your day into three 90 minute chunks of work.  And let us not forget to show compassion to ourselves mixed with a bit of praise for what we have achieved. Becoming more organized and making more efficient use of our time will lead to a happier more productive life.

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The Link Between Disorganization, Depression, and Anxiety