The LD Resources Foundation award program was created to help students diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADHD and other learning disabilities.

Our hope is that these awards will provide the necessary foundation by which these students can build a strong academic future. The application deadline to apply for assistive technology this year is January 15, 2018.
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LDRFA – Learning Disability Award program

LD Resources Foundation Action, Inc. welcomes applications for the LDRFA Awards Program. In order to enable individuals to reach their potential, we provide assistive technology, support, advocacy and up-to-date information on products that can help with reading, writing and studying.  In addition, the Awards Program focuses on helping students with learning disabilities in need of financial support.

If you are a college student and have a diagnosed learning disability (LD), you may be eligible to apply. Click here (PDF) for the application.

To learn more about available Assistive Technology, visit Assistive Technology review section for our latest assistive technology tools review and apps.

Our hope is that these awards will provide a foundation by which students can achieve academic success as they pursue higher education degrees.

You may apply for one or more of these awards described below using a single application.  Please note, however, that only one technology tool is awarded to each approved applicant.

We award the following:

1.Chromebook Laptop: This laptop includes capability of working with Chrome applications and other websites and software.  Chrome offers a free version of Read & Write Gold.  It works with all downloads. Chrome browser includes a built in screen reader, text to speech (TTS), and speech to text, (STT)

2. The iPad Mini: This technology offers, as part of its operating features, built in text to speech and speech to text functions. There are many accessibility apps that you can download from Apple’s App Store including libraries that specialize in books for people with reading disabilities. An iTunes card will be provided to purchase apps, such as Voice Dream.

3. LDRFA Recognition Award: This award honors students who have assisted other students dealing with challenges of learning disabilities (this award is not based on financial need). This Award may include Assistive Technology and/or iTunes card. For more information about Apple Literacy Learning, click on the link below.

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