We depend on your donations and grants. Our volunteers help us keep our administrative cost at no more than 10% of our budget. Other than our small administrative costs, every dollar you donate is used directly for the benefit of the students.

The payment can be made using Paypal secure payment system that accepts all major credit cards. Your generous support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

LDRFA Donations

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Donation Total: $25

LD Resources Foundation is a non-profit organization under IRS section 501(c)(3)

Your tax – deductible gift will help continue our mission of giving to financially needy college students with Learning Disabilities.

We provide Assistive Technology scholarships to those college students and help guide them through their college experience.

Today, through the use of assistive technology more students with learning disabilities are graduating from high school and going to college to continue their education.

However, there are many challenges to earning a diploma. Your assistance through LDRFA helps conquer these challenges.

LD Resources Foundation does not enter any royalty or profit sharing with manufacturers or other vendors.