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LD Resources Foundation ACTION have created this free checklist, available for download, to assist you in determining whether your student or child may have a learning disability.  If you are looking for information on learning and attention issues like dyslexia or dysgraphia please click on the below link.


We are aware that most students can have problems with learning and behavior from time-to-time during the early school years and beyond. Therefore, it would be helpful if parents and educators became knowledgeable of the specific signs and patterns of behavior that may be indicative of a learning disability.  One needs to determine if a young student or adolescent’s behavior is a temporary issue or if they are experiencing a behavior pattern that may signal an underlying learning disability.

By creating a checklist for Learning Disabilities and related problems: such as significant delays in learning to read, difficulty naming letters and words, and issues with fine motor skills, we hope to alert you to this potential issue.  Knowledge leads to action and intervention.  Early intervention is very important!  It helps to address learning difficulties before they become entrenched leading on to other issues.  By teaching students specific skills and strategies, it will be possible to improve their performance and educational outcomes and it is the Key to Success in life!

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We provide comprehensive resources for parents of children with a learning disability, dyslexia and attention issues at www.ldrfa.org .

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Assistive Technology Awards available for Students With Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia. Click here to learn more