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Tutoring Younger Students with Learning Disabilities: The Importance of Fun

By Elizabeth Schiff As a private tutor in New York City, I have worked with students from private, public and charter schools, and with a broad range of learning styles and differences, including ADD/ADHD; executive functioning; dyslexia and decoding; graphomotor/fine motor; processing; short-term memory; receptive and expressive language; visual-spatial and motor planning; and anxiety disorder.…

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The ADHD-Dyslexia Connection: Dealing with Dual Diagnoses

“ADHD is usually apparent from the first day of school, whereas dyslexia is often not recognized until fourth or fifth grade, when the shift is made from learning to read to reading to learn.” How to tell the difference, and get help. by Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.  It was almost inevitable that my child would be…

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Dyslexia Bill Needs the Governor’s Signature and We Need Your Help

A.8262/ S.6581 is now before the Governor and needs his signature to become law! Please help us get this bill approved.  This bill will help improve understanding of dyslexia by providing accurate guidance to school districts and assist schools in targeting language-based interventions, helping more children learn to read and become successful students. We as…

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Learning Disabilities and self-perceptions in children and adults.

By: LD Resources Foundation Action Often Learning disabled students suffer from low self-esteem and an impaired sense of self-worth. If you have LD  or ADHD, or both, you may mistakenly feel that you are less intelligent than your peers.  It is important to help such children recognize both their areas of difficulty and their areas…

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Toxic Chemical Exposures May Contribute to Learning and Developmental Disabilities

According to the National Institute of Health and research studies, toxic chemical exposures may play a role in learning and developmental disabilities. The exposure prenatal and during early childhood to certain chemicals may cause a disruption in normal neurological development or function that can last a lifetime. Through scientific studies the following chemicals, although not…

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Understanding ADHD Research Studies

By CHADD | Review by Zahavit Paz, LD Resources Foundation Often I find research in general confusing and contradictory information the information out there that seems to contradict itself. The purpose of research is to find answers to questions. Research allows us to find the right solutions for key issues on ADHD. However often it’s very…

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Learning Disability Leaders Who Made a Difference

by Zahavit Paz, CEO,  LD Resources Foundation Action Dr. Rosa A. Hagin was an educational psychologist who worked as a research professor of psychology at New York University School of Medicine. Her area of expertise was in the neuropsychological core of reading. She also taught at Trenton State College and Fordham University.  She did research…

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