Assistive Technology Tools For Learning Differences, ADHD, and the Learning Challenged

This article will discuss the implementation of a wide variety of technologies used in my practice, both high-tech and low-tech.  There are too many to mention, so I will highlight the ones that I routinely work with. The tools chosen are the most reliable when working with students with LD, Learning Differences, Dyslexia and ADHD.…

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Parental Detachment and How it Affects Individuals with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism

By: Lesley Stoller When detached from their parents they experience Sleeping trust issue insecure and attachment styles. Children who have spent their early childhoods in institutional settings in which they received care but not love develop weakened immune systems, physical abilities, learning abilities and problems with social interaction. They often failed to gain in weight…

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Does my child have signs of dyslexia? What should I know?

Dyslexia Facts: About 15% of the student population suffer from dyslexia unfortunately often not getting detected early. Here are some facts and signs of dyslexia Dyslexia is the most common learning disability. Individuals with this medical condition have difficulty in the areas of language processing. 1 in 5 people suffers from dyslexia. Dyslexia does not…

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Giving Tuesday. Help Millions of students struggling with reading and spelling.

Giving Tuesday is an international movement to inspire individuals to give back at the beginning of the holiday season. It’s a moment when you think about generosity and giving hope to others. Please consider LD Resources Foundation Action on #GivingTuesday. Help us help them! DONATE NOW! Together we can make sure that every student has…

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Happy Thanksgiving. Latest LDRFA Programs, News and Developments

As Thanksgiving draws near, We’d like to express our gratitude to those who have made LD Resources Foundation Action what it is today. We would like to thank our individual donors, sponsors and grantors for their continuing support.  This support has allowed LDRFA to help many families around the world.  We couldn’t continue to help…

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mental health

Anger Management for people with LD and ADHD

by Zahavit Paz Anger masking self-image deficits experienced by individuals who suffer from ADHD and LD Dyslexia With very few exceptions, the angry people I’ve worked with have suffered from significant self-image deficits. Many have been quite successful in their careers but far less so in their relationships, where anger triggers abound. Regardless of their…

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Methods for Increasing Productivity for People with ADHD and Learning Disabilities

By Zahavit Paz If you feel that your organizational skills need improvement, then you must rely on a Calendar or Planner. There are many available, but you must choose wisely. Picking the right calendar is a very important decision. Choose one that has a lot of space to write down your goals and an area…

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time savings

Daylight History and Sleep Rhythms Disruption

Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, 11/05 /17.   We set clocks back one hour and that could cause a disruption in sleep rhythms especially for those with ADHD  Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour earlier on Nov 5, 2017 than the day before. On Sunday, November 5, 2017,  at 2:00:00…

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If you are struggling with Dyslexia of Learning disabilities, LDRFA is offering an AWARD PROGRAM for ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY.