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Assistive Technology and Accessibility Resources ->live doc: 
Technology can help special education students in the following ways 
  • Keep students organized 
  • Allows students to access curriculum while avoiding their triggers 
  • Students can access additional tools and resources to enhance their learning and address their individual needs. 
  • There are Apps available to assist students with physical disabilities
Misc Resources:
Google Classroom 
  • Paperless assignment tool
  • Allows teachers and students to collaborate in real time.
  • Keeps students on track and organized. 
  • Co-teacher/special Ed/resource teachers can access student work and connect with students
  • Reminders – desktop and mobile app
Chromebooks – accessibility features 
Google Apps Accessibility ( )
  • speech to text (built in to Docs and other apps), magnification, Google Hangouts interpreter and signer
  • YouTube closed captioning
Add-ons and Apps:
Microsoft Accessibility Resources: 
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